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home for the holidays
Since I have much to say and no one to really say it to, I thought that I would start my own rant page. I get so very tired of people talking politics. I'm irritated with our current president as well since I had hopes that he would decrease our foothold in the off shore empires we are trying to create. Really why is it really necessary to send more troops to Afganistan? Do we really have that much invested in the herion trade? Quite possibly! And don't tell me it's because of 9-11 because that was our good friends the saudi's that did that! Have we exacted revenge on them? Hardly! I thought that he would be different and when it really came down to brass tacks he got on the bandwagon with everyone else.

And that leads into my real theme of why are people so mean and nasty?

I'm a firm believer that it is because there is not enough love passed around to effect a hundred monkey change. Maybe you didn't get your coffee this morning but so what? I've spent most of my life being abandoned by the people I supposedly love and love me back. This should make me bitter and it definitely has made me cynical as all hell! But I keep hoping for something new to happen and do you all really care about each other or is it just a front for filling your quota of time with busy-ness.

Well I must say that the world has yet to let me down and fuck them if they can't take a joke. I am ever surprised if people really give a damn about anything worthwhile. What I find happens is the ever present swap that occurs, what can I do for you that I can't do for myself or vice versa. And then the chit counting starts. I really hate to count chits but I will do it if I have to unfortunately, I find that I am usually on the negative side.

I would be so surprised if this world could change and be more utopian in it's existence. (and yes I do believe that could occur) But I'm sure it won't. (there's that cynic again).

So I will remain ever present and willing to be used by my "friends", and I use that term loosely. But I would just once like to actually have a friend who really gave a shit about me and my life.

I spend too much time listening to others bemoaning their lives and it's depressing. So there it is my rant at the wold. Totally disjointed and not very eloquent but who really cares? And who will read this anyway?


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