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Rantings from the wild side
I joined this website to learn more about new friends and lovers. Although I am tempted to write my first entry addressing topics such as the massacre in Fort Hood or the protesters in washington dc or the war in iraq and afghanistan I'm not.

I do want to write my first entry as more an introduction to my soul and world as I experience it.

I yearn for an extended bouqet of lovers (thank you Morning Glory) and desire only happiness and positive experiences for all involved. I want to be able to watch my lovers in their passion for each other and be able to experience their ecstasy as my own. I want to be entwined and yet still maintain my own positive self awareness. I want to experience full blown love and lust without reserve. And I want my lovers/partners to experience the same, to achieve oneness together and find the God/dess in us all.

Celebrating life and dancing around the fires at night, undulating bodies in trance performing the ancient rituals.
Energy moving from the earth through our bodies flowing out to the cosmos and back again.
Freedom from the trappings of the mundane world we can experience more understanding of our existence here on the mother and realize our collective consciousness becoming more enlightened.

Seeking to have my needs and desires met and yet wanting to do that with all my lovers. I will walk down this path and know that I will not be alone. Fear can only be found in darkness and I will strive to live in the light.

Love is not something to hoard but to be given freely to multiply and grow. If there were enough love in this world we would have so much less hatred, war, and death.

Drink Deep my friends,
May you never thirst,
and may you never walk alone.

Love to you all,


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