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Life with a teenager
My life with a teenager is becoming more complicated as the days pass. Now she wants to go to a movie with a boy alone! I must back up and tell you that she's only 13 but a knock out looker already! And the snappy stuff is really irritating to deal with, I just pray to the goddess to give me strength to not KILL her before she gets old enough to move out of the house. But seriously, she is mostly a good kid and so ok, I'm gonna let her go to the movies alone with a boy. I did tell her hands off policy still so we'll see. Of course it is totally ridiculous considering she runs around at Starwood with kids and is not supervised so why should I worry about a movie. I seem to worry more and not less and now I've got to realize thank goddess that she's growing up. I really can't wait on one hand because then I will have more freedom to do some of the things I would like to do without her. And on the other hand I don't want to seem like an ogre about it I do want her to be safe and secure in her life too. I will consider it a success if she actually goes to college and can come out on the other side and be self supporting and sufficient! Well she's off for another day and I am headed back to bed soon and work tonight.
May you never thirst my friends,
Luna Bear


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